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Synaptic Solutions Inc. focuses on delivering your business in an advanced technological and professional manner using multiple veterinary mediums. Synaptic Solutions, Inc. has partnered with various veterinary based websites, newsletters and conferences for maximum marketing exposure.

Cold calling may be considered a stone age marketing strategy, but repeatability has never been more innovative than today. Think about that pre-approved credit card mail that you keep receiving month after month. You do not need a credit card so why do they still waste their time and effort in soliciting you? Because there will come day when you may need to apply for a credit card, and your first thoughts will go to that consistent pre-approved credit card. Hence, finding yourself waiting for that specific pre-approved credit card application to be mailed once again.

Synaptic Solutions Inc., aim to target specific clientele in numerous marketing avenues for the ultimate brand exposure.

Many emerging companies within the Veterinary Market are either transitioning from the Medical Industry or another similar field. Does your company offer a courier service? Need online payment or billing? Synaptic Solutions offers a wide range of innovative technological advancements for your business to grow and succeed in today’s competitive environment. Mobile applications and customized software are essential in today’s competitive environment.


Introduce Yourself Packages

Package Option A Start- Up

Let the clients come to you! Essential for new small to medium business looking to gain ground in the veterinary market. Fundamental method to attract clients to your website to gain a better insight into your business strategy. This package requires minimal content to create an animated online campaign module for quick impressions by veterinarians.

Package Option B Brand Awareness

This package consists of Start-Up coupled with direct exposure.  Offering a discount or special services? This package can help your business image. As of today, most veterinarians have at least one working email address. Let us advertise your company through the accessibility e-mail and online campaigns.

Tech-Smart Marketing Packages

Package Option A Re-Invent Yourself

Don’t get left out in the social media network. With Google and Social Media at our fingertips 24 hours, 7 days a week, think  how many potential clients are not viewing your website. We can create and manage your social media networks with scheduled content management software. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. all have their own dialects that are both time consuming and perplexing. Let us take the time to manage your social media content, so that you can spend time building your business.

Package Option B Maximum Exposure

Don’t let the fast pace of technology overwhelm you. Email Blast, online campaigns and social media advertisement are just the start to this package. With so many options to marketing through technology, this package will help you in delivering your company in a professional and timely manner.

Creative Expertise Packages

Package Option A Customized Graphic Design

Have a conference quickly approaching? Have content but have no time or tools to create marketing material? Or no idea how to create innovate trade show giveaways? Let our talented graphic designers help you create a statement that will not be over looked

Package Option B Tech and Visual Advancement

Heard about SEOs? Need a website re-design? Blogging or monthly newsletter delivery? This package is your one stop shop while incorporating ultimate marketing throughout the veterinary industry.

Customized Marketing Is Just A Click Away