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So you found a niche in the Veterinary Industry, created a company name and logo, developed your brand and invested all your monetary funds into your company. Congratulations! But what now? A sales representative is too costly and you are the only one that knows your product well enough to sell.

Synaptic Solutions Inc. is a marketing agency that will promote and market your products and/or services directly to veterinarians.  Whether it’s the newest cruelty-free, vegan dog food, the latest innovative in-house diagnostic machine or pet funeral services. Synaptic Solutions Inc., will work with you in designing and implementing technological marketing strategies.

How are we different from any other marketing company? Synaptic Solutions offers creative strategies using neuro-marketing. Think about the late night commercial advertising the delicious creamy ice cream sundae. These commercials are specifically shown after dinner when the neural receptors in the consumer’s brain are being tricked into craving that delicious creamy sundae. The neurophysiology field has expanded to show how the external environment affect our cognitive decisions. Everyone remembers that cute puppy with the adorable baby, but what were they advertising? Synaptic Solutions Inc., will work with you in differentiating your brand from the rest.

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